Study Guide

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Chapter 6

By Sherman Alexie

Chapter 6

Go Means Go

  • Junior feels like life has knocked him on his butt.
  • He asks his mom and dad, "Who has the most hope?" (6.7).
  • They answer at the same time, "White people" (6.10).
  • Junior counters their answer with one of his own: he wants to change schools. He wants to leave the reservation and go to Reardan, the school for rich white kids twenty-two miles away.
  • They ask him when he wants to go. He says now. They say okay. Yup, it was just that easy.
  • Junior's parents want the best for him, but they also warn him that the transition will be hard. Not only at Reardan, but also at home, on the reservation.