Study Guide

The Art of Racing in the Rain Love

By Garth Stein


Folks, The Art of Racing in the Rain is about a dog and his master. There's no way love is not going to be a huge theme in a book like that, and you know it. Lots of kinds of love come into play in this novel, though: marital love, parental love, sibling love, companionship, friendship, lust, and love for pets. Oh, and let's not forget love of racing. Frankly, it's kind of hard to listen to Denny and Enzo talk about racing and not fall in love with it.

Questions About Love

  1. When Annika says she loves Denny, does she really mean it? Does she know what she's saying? Is she using the best logic she can to articulate what she's feeling?
  2. How do Maxwell and Trish try to undermine Denny's love for his daughter and use it to their own advantage?
  3. How does the love that Eve's parents show her and the love that Denny's parents show him differ? Is there a "right" kind of parental love?

Chew on This

We can call Denny's adoption of Enzo a case of puppy love.

Zoƫ's love for her stuffed animals is a representation of her love for her family.