Study Guide

The Blood of Olympus Sacrifice

By Rick Riordan


"Our next offering!" the ghoul shouted, his voice buzzing from the arrow in this throat. "Let us feed the Earth Mother!" (2.10)

Gods are big on sacrifice, and the titans are even bigger than gods (size-wise, anyway)…so it's no surprise that they need even larger sacrifices to be happy.

Nico yelped. The scepter of Diocletian exploded into pieces. (8.29)

Recurring theme alert! Characters in this book continuously lose their mythical items in some way or another—sometimes voluntarily and sometimes not. Here, Nico uses his scepter even though he knows it might not be able to handle it.

At the feet of Ares, she set her cornucopia. (20.88)

Piper has been carrying around the cornucopia for a while now, and she sets it down without a single complaint. Pretty classy, if you ask us.

"My guards will buy you time!" Hylla shouted. "Your quest must succeed!" (24.7)

Reyna isn't so psyched when it's her sister who might be sacrificing herself. But here, it's "just" her guards, and even though we know their names, their deaths don't sting that much when they fall. Maybe because it's their job?

"You will face a sacrifice that you may not be able to make, and it will cost you the world." (28.24)

Kym, the minor goddess, says this to Percy. Maybe that's why she's a minor goddess…because we have no idea what the heck she's talking about.

Frank sniffled. "I think you mean falling on your sword." (34.74)

Hello, idiom! Here, Frank is talking about how Leo plans on sacrificing himself (although at this point in the narrative, we're not sure what Leo's plan is).

P.S. Did you notice that Frank "sniffled"? He's sad about this plan…which makes sense, since sacrifice usually isn't a happy thing.

"Look, it's got to be this way. Otherwise we'll all die." (36.101)

Leo receives a lot of pushback regarding his sacrifice plan, but Leo knows it's either him or everyone…and it might as well be him: the seventh wheel. Womp womp.

A single drop of blood fell from [Percy's] chin. It hit the ground between his feet and sizzled like water on a frying pan. (44.33)

Prophecies almost always have to do with sacrifice of some point, and sometimes that sacrifice is minor and unintentional. The giants don't have to kill Percy to raise Gaea; they just need the tiniest drop of his blood.

"Victory is always dangerous. And it often requires sacrifice." (50.74)

This line is from Nike—and she's the goddess of victory, so she knows what she's talking about.

"I told you I had a plan. When are you going to trust me? And by the way—I love you guys." (52.46)

Even though Leo's friends consistently try to talk him out of sacrificing himself, he sticks with it. When are they going to learn that they can't fight a prophecy?

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