Study Guide

The Blood of Olympus Chapter IV

By Rick Riordan

Chapter IV


  • The chapter's first line tells us all we need to know: "The fight was going great—until [Jason] got stabbed" (4.1).
  • Like Sephiroth and Aerith (Jason is Aerith), Michael Varus impales Jason through the chest with his sword.
  • Piper decapitates Michael Varus, and she and Annabeth tend to Jason's wound.
  • Problem: the sword was made of imperial gold, which basically makes it poisonous to demigods. Jason's wound is smoking.
  • Piper and Annabeth do what they can to bandage him and heal him; then they need to get him back to their ship, the Argo II.
  • Jason suggests they summon Juno…and poof, she appears.
  • She can't heal Jason, but she suggests they find the goddess Nike on their journey around the Peloponnese.