Study Guide

The Blood of Olympus Chapter LI

By Rick Riordan

Chapter LI


  • Zeus picks up the Argo II and flings the whole ship across the Atlantic as fast as he can.
  • As they approach Camp Half-Blood, Frank turns into a dragon and leaps off the ship with everyone but Leo in tow. Leo swears he has a plan.
  • The demigods land, reuniting with Reyna.
  • They're all wondering where Gaea is.
  • Oh, there she is: the ground ripples like it's water, and a giant woman bursts out of the ground.
  • Before she can even give her evil villain monologue, Leo swoops down on Festus, the mechanical dragon who was formerly the figurehead of the Argo II but is now reborn.
  • The metal dragon carries Gaea away.