Study Guide

The Blood of Olympus Chapter LII

By Rick Riordan

Chapter LII


  • Jason summons a whirlwind, and he and Piper swirl into the sky after Gaea, Festus, and Leo.
  • The plan is to get her as far away as they can from the earth, where she derives her power, and eradicate her.
  • She yells and screams a lot but is generally helpless so far up in the sky.
  • Jason uses his wind power to keep her attacks contained in a ball of air.
  • When they reach a great height, Jason starts to lose consciousness because of the lack of air pressure.
  • Leo tells them he doesn't need them. "I told you I had a plan. When are you guys going to trust me?" (52.46)
  • As Jason and Piper descend to earth, Leo ignites some sort of explosion, which turns the sky gold.