Study Guide

The Blood of Olympus Chapter XLI

By Rick Riordan

Chapter XLI


  • The Argo II docks on the outskirts of Piraeus, and as everyone is getting ready to tromp to the Acropolis, a snake-man shows up. He's like a centaur, except half man, half snake.
  • He brought a bundt cake, so he can't be all that bad, right?
  • His name is Kekrops, he's the original king of Athens, and he says he'll help them get to the Acropolis without being detected by Porphyrion.
  • Piper isn't so sure, so she exercises her pipes (i.e., her voice) and sings a song, charming the snake into telling the truth.
  • Sure enough, it's a trap.
  • The group decides to send Annabeth, Percy, and Piper through the underground tunnels anyway, with Piper singing the whole way to keep the snake people hypnotized.