Study Guide

The Blood of Olympus Chapter XX

By Rick Riordan

Chapter XX


  • Being in the temple of fear makes Piper and Annabeth paralyzed with fear. Whodathunk?
  • Well, Annabeth is more paralyzed than Piper is, and Piper tries to get her up and moving, running away from the giant, Mimas.
  • Her advice: "You can't think your way out of your emotions" (20.27).
  • They run and fight, run and fight, until Piper makes it back to the statue of Ares.
  • She lays her cornucopia at the statue's feet as a sacrifice.
  • And she cuts off the statue's head.
  • It works. The makhai, the spirits of battle, swirl out of the statue and into Piper.
  • They give Piper the power to kill the giant, so she does. Then she and Annabeth leave the caverns.