Study Guide

The Blood of Olympus Chapter XXXIV

By Rick Riordan

Chapter XXXIV


  • Leo strikes a bargain by bribing Apollo with a brand-new musical instrument, which he calls the Valdezinator.
  • Apollo says he doesn't have the physician's cure, but he has the last ingredient: the curse of Delos…which turns out to be a daisy.
  • If they take the ingredients to Apollo's son Asclepius, he can make the cure for them.
  • Leo regroups with Frank and Hazel at the docks.
  • Artemis has told them that Octavian is planning on eradicating Camp Half-Blood with Cyclopes-built onagers: giant catapults.
  • Leo tells them his plan, but we don't get to hear what it is. Sounds like it has a lot to do with sacrifice.