Study Guide

The Blood of Olympus Chapter XXXIX

By Rick Riordan

Chapter XXXIX


  • Looks like Orion has finally caught up with Reyna, but he's a little worse for wear after scraping with Hylla.
  • Orion says that Reyna's sister and the Hunters are still alive…but Reyna won't be so lucky.
  • Them's fightin' words…so they fight.
  • Reyna chucks her knife right into Orion's chest; then she grabs her cloak and dives atop the explosive arrow.
  • The cloak somehow absorbs the blast, and a voice speaks, telling Reyna she's proven herself a hero of Olympus. "Accept my aegis" (39.42), the voice says.
  • Reyna isn't ready to co-host a morning show. ("No, not Regis. Aegis.")
  • Ah, the cloak is a piece of Athena's mantle, and it will protect her.
  • Orion recovers and shoots an arrow at Reyna, which she deflects with her now-magic cape.
  • Then she twists the cloak into a rope and strangles Orion to death with it. Dang, girl.
  • No time to gloat—dawn is approaching.