Study Guide

The Blood of Olympus Friendship

By Rick Riordan


When you go to summer camp, you meet friends who last a lifetime. It happened to Charlie Brown and it happened to Percy Jackson about nine books ago. In The Blood of Olympus, Percy Jackson and his pals go places they probably never dreamed of. Actually, they often have prophetic visions, so they probably did dream of these adventures, but still…they'd never have been able to do any of this by themselves.

Questions About Friendship

  1. How does Reyna and Nico's friendship develop as they travel? What events bring them closer together?
  2. Why does Nico think that he doesn't have any friends? Is his loneliness partially his fault?
  3. Why does Leo feel like the seventh wheel? Is that a valid concern for him? Is he actually left out of the group?

Chew on This

The friendships between our Greek and Roman protagonists show the warring camps that cooperation is possible. They lead by example.

While a friendship might lead them into trouble—like Jason following Percy under the sea—it always gets them back out.

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