Study Guide

The Blood of Olympus Sacrifice

By Rick Riordan


Gods love sacrifices. We're talking everything from A to V, where "A" is animals in honor of a god and "V" is virgins tossed into volcanoes. Some people even suggest that the Parthenon itself was the site of human sacrifice. But in The Blood of Olympus, the sacrifice needed is right in the title: blood. And the giants hope to spill it at the Parthenon, for old times' sake.

Questions About Sacrifice

  1. Which characters make sacrifices during the story? Who gives up personal objects, who severs connections, and who gives up even more?
  2. Could any of these sacrifices have been avoided?
  3. Nike says that victory "often requires sacrifice." Do you agree with her?

Chew on This

Leo makes the ultimate sacrifice, but he probably wouldn't were it not for the existence of the physician's cure.

Sometimes a small sacrifice is necessary—like giving up the cornucopia, for example—to prevent the loss of something larger.

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