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The Brothers Karamazov Book 9, Chapter 9

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Book 9, Chapter 9

Mitya Is Taken Away

  • Parfenovich then reads Dmitri a "Resolution," which formally places him under arrest. After another long speech declaring his innocence, Dmitri bids farewell and offers his hand to Parfenovich, who rejects it.
  • Grushenka says a brief good-bye to Dmitri, this time with none of the hysterics of their other encounters, and she promises to stick by him.
  • They load Dmitri into a cart to take him back to town. Just before he leaves, Kalganov pops up and shakes his hand.
  • Dmitri leaves, and the scene ends with Kalganov sitting in a corner, crying into his hands.

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