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The Brothers Karamazov Epilogue, Book 12, Chapter 1

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Epilogue, Book 12, Chapter 1

Plans to Save Mitya

  • But wait, the novel isn't over yet!
  • It's now five days after Dmitri's trial. Alyosha arrives at the home of Katerina Ivanovna, who is caring for Ivan as he recuperates from his illness.
  • Katerina can't help confessing her deepest feelings to Alyosha. She reveals that she and Ivan had argued for three days straight before the trial about Ivan's plans to help his brother to escape. Ivan had left her with an envelope with the escape plans just in case something happened to him. She also talks about her feelings of intense guilt over her vengeful outburst at Dmitri's trial.
  • Alyosha then tells Katerina that he has a special request from Dmitri: he would like to see her before he goes off to serve his sentence in Siberia. Katerina is undecided and Alyosha leaves her.

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