Study Guide

The Cherry Orchard Act 4

By Anton Chekhov

Act 4

  • The house has been stripped. Piles of suitcases are waiting outside.
  • Lubov and Gaev have just said goodbye to the peasants living on their estate. Lubov gave them all her money.
  • Lopakhin excitedly offers everyone champagne. No one will drink it, except Yasha.
  • The train leaves in 47 minutes, Lopakhin reminds everyone.
  • Lopakhin and Trofimov have a little chat. There is sympathy between the two of them, though they tease each other. Lopakhin offers Trofimov money, which he declines.
  • The sounds of chopping wood can be heard. Can't they wait till Lubov is gone, asks Anya?
  • One item to be resolved: Fiers. Anya inquires what has become of him. Was he sent to the doctor? Yasha replies irritably that he dealt with it this morning.
  • Yasha again refuses his mother and rejects Dunyasha. He's happy to be getting out of here.
  • Lubov enters with Anya, who's also happy to be leaving and starting a new life. She plans to further her education, work, and read a lot of books.
  • Gaev is looking on the bright side. At least it's all been resolved, and he's got a new job.
  • Charlotta's singing. She makes a baby out of a bundle, then throws it away. She doesn't know what's happening to her. Lopakhin promises to figure something out.
  • Pischik enters and shocks everyone by paying back the money he's borrowed. Some Englishmen leased his land for its white clay. He hadn't realized the family is leaving today, but accepts their departure.
  • Lubov is worried about Fiers. Anya assures her that Yasha took care of him.
  • Lubov is also worried about Varya. She has a private moment with Lopakhin. Seriously, won't he propose to her?
  • Sure, okay, now's the time, he agrees. Varya is sent for.
  • They are alone. A couple pleasantries, some awkward pauses. Lopakhin doesn't do it. Varya weeps.
  • Everyone gets ready to go. Anya is excited. Gaev starts making a speech…and stops. They'll see each other in the spring. Lopakhin starts locking up.
  • Everyone exits, leaving Lubov and Gaev alone. They sob.
  • After a moment, they leave too. The stage is empty. More sounds of locking doors, and the sounds of trees being chopped.
  • Fiers enters. He's sick. They've forgotten him. He sits on a sofa, worrying about what coat Gaev has on. He lies down, and stops moving.
  • Again, the sound of a string breaking is heard. Then just the sound of an axe falling on trees.