Study Guide

The Cherry Orchard Home

By Anton Chekhov


The Cherry Orchard begins with a homecoming. The main character Lubov believes that, in returning home, she can restore her life to a state of innocence. Ever heard that saying, "You can never go home again?" Lubov learns the hard way. Home has become a bittersweet mixture of happy and sad memories, worry, and conflict. It's under siege by economic forces and social change. The Cherry Orchard begins with a homecoming, but ends – just six months later – with an eviction.

Questions About Home

  1. How does each character define home?
  2. What does Lubov come home looking for?
  3. What do you make of Charlotta's homelessness?
  4. Why is Varya left behind to look after the house?

Chew on This

Trofimov's home is in his head, and he invites Anya to live there.

Abandoned to the estate and, at the end of the play, a new family, Varya is just as orphaned as Charlotta.