Study Guide

The Cherry Orchard Wealth

By Anton Chekhov


When it comes to money, nobody's neutral in The Cherry Orchard. Characters are begging for it, borrowing it, planning to make more of it, or proudly declaring their independence from it. An aristocratic family, impractical and naïve, continues to spend as they might have a hundred years ago. They've never worked for money and can't begin now. Meanwhile, the son of a serf draws on his resources – mainly, a willingness to work hard – to build a fortune.

Questions About Wealth

  1. Is Trofimov really indifferent to his poverty?
  2. How important is money to Lopakhin?
  3. Why does Lubov throw money away?

Chew on This

With his industrious collection of money, Pischik is a comic foil for Lubov.

Lopakhin ceaselessly pursues wealth to bury his father's memory.