Study Guide

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 53

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter 53

Robert le Diable

  • Once again, it's opera time. The Count and Haydée arrive in style and everyone's eyes are on them.
  • The Count pays a visit to the Danglars's box at the opera (frequent opera-goers and wealthy families often own a whole section of seats at the opera). He chats them up, along with Fernand, Albert, and Eugénie, who are also there.
  • Down below, Haydée sees something and practically passes out from what she has seen.
  • The Count leaves the Danglars's box and returns to Haydée.
  • Haydée tells him that she caught sight of Fernand, the man who sold her into slavery and who turned her father over to the Turks.

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