Study Guide

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Writing Style

By Mark Haddon

Writing Style

Matter-of-Fact, Explicative

Christopher Boone says what he means – sometimes to a fault. And this matter-of-factness is clearest in his writing style. Yep, that's right – Christopher's writing style, not Mark Haddon's. (We're pretty sure our author, Mark Haddon, doesn't actually write this way.)

We'll throw an example your way, but you could flip to any page of this book and find an equally relevant passage:

But Mother was cremated. This means that she was put into a coffin and burnt and ground up and turned into ash and smoke. I do not know what happens to the ash and I couldn't ask at the crematorium because I didn't go to the funeral. (61.12)

This is some pretty heavy stuff for a kid to think about – his mother's death, that is – but Christopher is still matter-of-fact and very informative. Everywhere in the book, he explains everything in great detail, but never seems to interpret what he's describing. He'd make a great textbook author. What do you say, Chris?