Study Guide

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Chapter 41

By Mark Haddon

Chapter 41

  • On the drive home, Christopher apologizes to his dad for making him pick him up at the police station, but he says he didn't kill the dog. His father believes him.
  • Christopher brings up the idea of finding out who killed the dog, but his dad tells him to stay out of other people's business.
  • When Christopher persists, his dad gets angry and starts banging the steering wheel with his fist.
  • Finally, they get home: Christopher gives a carrot to his pet rat Toby and plays a computer game. Normal late-night stuff.
  • At 2:00AM, he goes downstairs and finds his father is drinking whiskey, watching television, and crying.
  • Christopher asks if he's sad about Wellington's less than happy fate. His father replies with this very curious response: "He looked at me for a long time and sucked air in through his nose. Then he said, 'Yes, Christopher, you could say that. You could very well say that'" (41.22).