Study Guide

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Chapter 71

By Mark Haddon

Chapter 71

  • Christopher says that all the other students at his school are stupid. He knows he shouldn't call them stupid: it's better to say they have learning disabilities.
  • But that doesn't make sense because everyone in the world has learning disabilities – after all, learning stuff is hard.
  • He's going to prove that he's not stupid, though, when he takes his A levels (sort of the UK equivalent of the SAT in the US) next month and gets an A – which, by the way, no one from his school has ever done before.
  • It wasn't easy convincing the school to let him take the exam: his father even had to come in and argue on his behalf.
  • Christopher repeats that the full plan is as follows: take his A levels, go to university, and get some awesome high-paying job in Math and Physics.
  • Then he can either pay someone to take care of him, or maybe even meet a woman to will marry him – that way, he doesn't have to be alone.