Study Guide

Frank Geyer in The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America

By Erik Larson

Frank Geyer

Detective Frank Geyer is one of Philadelphia's top detectives. Let's just say the guy knows his way around a murder scene.

He's hired by Carrie Pitezel to help find her missing children after he husband's death. This turns out to be Geyer's first case where the suspect is actually in custody, so he begins his search by interviewing Holmes.

Holmes doesn't offer much help, and Geyer can see through his lies. He ends up skimming the Midwest, piecing together clues from the children's letters to their mother that were found among Holmes' possessions. After traveling city to city, Geyer becomes a national sensation and his trek is chronicled in popular national newspapers. He's considered a hero for his valiant efforts to reunite a grieving mother with her missing children and expose the evils of a villain.