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Chrysogone in The Faerie Queene

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Mother of Amoret and Belphoebe, Chrysogone embodies a deep and pure connection to the heavenly world. Impregnated with her twins simply by exposure to a shower of golden light connects her quite explicitly to the Classical myth of Danae, who was impregnated by the god Zeus in almost exactly this way.

Since she's able to bear two twins who each represent different aspects of true love (Amoret = marriage; Belphoebe = chastity) it makes sense that she would be able to bear children without the mess of traditional sex but also not immaculately like the Virgin Mary bore Jesus. Chrysogone fits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of "Eew, gross sexytimes" to "Wow, pure immaculate conception." She's basically pure, but there's a hint of carnal love in the way in which she conceives her kiddos.

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