Study Guide

The Fault in Our Stars Chapter 11

By John Green

Chapter 11

  • When Hazel wakes up from her airplane nap, they're entering the Netherlands.
  • They take a cab ride to the Hotel Filasoof and everything is fancy and old and amazing.
  • Hazel takes a nap and when she wakes up, her mother tells her that she has dinner reservations with Augustus—alone.
  • They go on a date to super fancy restaurant called Oranjee where they have champagne and a delicious meal.
  • Then, as is typical of Augustus and Hazel, their conversation turns to more serious topics… like the afterlife.
  • Things get a little bit tense when it turns to discussions of living a life worth living.
  • They go for a nice walk along the canal, but when Hazel leans against Augustus's body, he winces in pain. What's up with that?
  • She asks him about Caroline Mathers. He tells her all about his relationship with her and how she was actually really mean to him. He couldn't tell if it was her real personality or if it was her brain tumor which changed her personality.
  • Hazel feels absolutely terrible for Augustus and she says she never wants to do that to him. But he says it would be a privilege to have his heart broken by her.