Study Guide

The First Part Last Narrator Point of View

By Angela Johnson

Narrator Point of View

First Person Central Narrator—Bobby Morris

The First Part Last is told almost entirely Bobby's perspective. It's his story and his journey from carefree kid to teen father, so by having him tell us about this experience, readers get an up-close and personal take on this journey. It's a powerful approach for a powerful story. For example:

Maybe I'll just tell him how I feel like I'm a baby with a baby most of the time. Just playing daddy until somebody comes over and says, "Hell, kid, time's up. No more of this daddy thing for you, and anyway you've been busted." (30.12)

We really understand Bobby's insecurities here, right? And we probably wouldn't get a real sense of this with third-person narration, which instead might read like, "Bobby looked pensive." By letting us into Bobby's head, we get the real story instead of just the surface.

There is one chapter narrated by Nia as she slips away from her life into a coma. It seems to be both a plot device (to let us know that she starts bleeding after Bobby leaves) and a glimpse into Nia's hopes and dreams—she lets go because "all I want to do is fly" (27.5). Although she has medical complications that Bobby never fully understands, we can't help but compare the ease with which she lets go to Bobby's determination to hold on to Feather.

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