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The First Part Last Plot Analysis

By Angela Johnson

Plot Analysis


Too Young for It All

In the then chapters, we learn that Bobby, who's just turned sixteen, has gotten his girlfriend Nia pregnant. Oops. In the now chapters, we figure out that Bobby is functioning as a single father to his daughter, Feather, with minimal help with the daily details, but a lot of emotional and financial support from his mother and father. What happened to Nia? Guess we'll have to keep reading to find out.

Rising Action

Double the Trouble

Though the story's told in then and now chapters, they each move readers toward the climax. The then chapters focus on how Bobby and Nia cope with the pregnancy and what they decide to do with the baby: Once it's born, after much deliberation, they agree they'll give it up for adoption. The now chapters focus on the difficulties that Bobby faces as a single father, leading to what he decides to do with the next stage of his life.


Twin Peaks

Bonus: There are two climaxes in this book. The first occurs when we find out what really happened to Nia: She is in an irreversible coma due to eclampsia. Yikes. And when this happened, instead of following through with their adoption plans, Bobby decided to raise Feather himself. So there's climax number one for you. The second climax is tied to this one: As a single father, Bobby realizes he can't hack it in NYC, so he decides to move to Heaven, Ohio, leaving behind the life he's always known to do right by his daughter.

Falling Action

The Long Goodbye

The two story lines meet once again: Bobby says goodbye to Nia and to everything he has ever known. It's really hard for him, but he knows it's best for Feather.


Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Bobby gazes out the window with Feather from his apartment in Heaven, and he realizes that the future, though uncertain, is looking up—and he's ready to experience it with Feather. Go team.

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