Study Guide

The First Part Last Chapter 15

By Angela Johnson

Chapter 15


  • Bobby leaves Coco's apartment and realizes that he has more time than he thought, so he gets some spray paint and goes to do some tagging.
  • He finds a wall that he thinks is made for him, and he tries to figure out what to create.
  • He remembers flying kites with K-Boy, going to the museum with J.L., being on vacation with his family, and he starts to cry.
  • Then he paints. He's got the characters, describing himself as a ghost boy, and there's a baby carrier with no face.
  • Bobby realizes that the ghost boy will need to look inside the carrier and find a face for the baby—"he's going to have to see it" (15.24).
  • As much as Bobby tries to figure out what the baby's face looks like, he can't.
  • And this is when he feels someone touch his shoulder.
  • Suddenly Bobby realizes that he's been at the wall all day, and he gets arrested for defacing property. Oops.

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