Study Guide

The First Part Last Chapter 16

By Angela Johnson

Chapter 16


  • To offset his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, Bobby tells the story of a good day, what he calls a "fairy tale day."
  • He starts by talking about a hero (himself) who was born in the city and loved absolutely everything about it.
  • Instead of putting a monster in the fairy tale, though, Bobby decides that no monster is in the story—it's a fantastic day, and he has friends who will back him up.
  • Onto the damsel: Bobby goes to pick her up from the castle (apartment) and Nia, as long as she's not stressed out, can go out with him.
  • They go to the magical forest (Central Park) and watch people. One of the friends brings back a rock that looks like his building superintendent, but the damsel throws it way.
  • When the damsel falls asleep, the hero and his friends talk of how things were and how things are, damsels they've, um, rescued, and reaffirm their bonds as blood brothers.

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