Study Guide

The First Part Last Chapter 21

By Angela Johnson

Chapter 21


  • Bobby's brother, Paul, holds Feather while Paul's kids, Nick and Nora, crawl on the floor.
  • Paul is good with Feather and both he and Bobby remember what it was like to have both parents together.
  • Paul says it gets better when the kids do more stuff, but it will also freak Bobby out.
  • Nick tells Bobby that he was helping his dad with the pipes and poured orange juice down the sink while the pipes were off. The adults in the room laugh.
  • Bobby thinks that karma will be hard for him when Feather is older. He and Paul decide to go for a walk, and surprisingly, Mary says she'll take the kids; she doesn't usually do this.
  • On the walk, Bobby learns more about Heaven, Ohio, where his brother lives. Bobby thinks it sounds amazing.
  • He tells Paul that he's going to live with their dad in Brooklyn because of his graffiti escapade.
  • Paul asks about college and Bobby says he'll probably work fast food to save money.
  • The brothers watch the kids on the playground and Bobby thinks that'll be him someday. He admits his love for Feather to his brother.

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