Study Guide

The First Part Last Chapter 23

By Angela Johnson

Chapter 23


  • Bobby and Feather are at Fred's, and Bobby compares his father's reactions to Feather to his mother's.
  • His dad keeps checking on them in the room, but Bobby's mom used to close her door tight so she wouldn't be tempted to take over. Mary has warned Bobby repeatedly that he's the parent, not her.
  • Once Bobby is dropped off with the rest of his stuff at his dad's, he walks to his mom's car and realizes that she's crying. This scares him.
  • She brushes it off, saying his dad's more sensitive than she is, then drives away.
  • Bobby awakens the next morning to a different neighborhood, different sounds; but then he realizes that it won't matter what changes come because Feather will be okay as long as she's with him.

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