Study Guide

The First Part Last Chapter 25

By Angela Johnson

Chapter 25


  • Feather cries when Bobby leaves her with the sitter now; Jackie says that she's getting attached to Bobby.
  • When Bobby looks at Feather, he sees Nia.
  • Bobby meets K-Boy and J. L. in the Laundromat—he's late because he didn't want to get detention, which would be inconvenient for his dad.
  • The three boys head to Grand Central Station to take a train to go see Nia.
  • When Bobby picks Feather up from the babysitter's, Jackie reminds him of a doctor's appointment for Feather the next day.
  • Living with his dad, Bobby's only a few blocks from Jackie's house.
  • Bobby wants to go to the arcade, but he thinks of his friends and goes home instead.
  • On the table is a letter from his brother, and once Feather's eyes are shut tight, Bobby tells her about Nia.

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