Study Guide

The First Part Last Chapter 3

By Angela Johnson

Chapter 3


  • Bobby thinks about how he used to laugh when Just Frank, a man who stood on the corner drinking all day, asked Bobby if he was being a man.
  • But two days after Bobby brought Feather home, Frank was killed while saving a girl from assault.
  • The neighborhood block raised funds to pay for his funeral, and Bobby went, wondering if he could be a man.
  • While Feather sleeps, Bobby holds her. His mom, Mary, warns him that he needs to let go of Feather from time to time.
  • Bobby's friends K-Boy and J. L. stand over Feather's bed, making her cry. Bobby stops them, and J. L. picks up Feather and comforts her.
  • When both Feather and J.L. fall asleep, K-Boy admires a drawing Bobby has done of Feather.
  • K-Boy is tall and good-looking, and he doesn't date; he's convinced that he won't have a baby if he doesn't love the girl he's with.
  • K-Boy asks Bobby if he's going to keep Feather, and Bobby, somewhat aghast that he would even ask that question, says of course he will keep her.

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