Study Guide

The First Part Last Change

By Angela Johnson


Bobby may fear change in The First Part Last, but he realizes that his life has to change after he decides to raise Feather on his own. He loves his daughter so much that, though he fears the unknown, he also knows that the changes that arrive on the heels of Feather are essentially good. It's not easy for Bobby to change—he misses his old life desperately at times—but having his life in upheaval leads Bobby to reflect on who he is, who Feather is, and what's really important. And because of this, the way Bobby responds to change ultimately leads him to a better place.

Questions About Change

  1. What is the biggest realization that Bobby has about his life after Feather is born, and how does this mental awareness change something in his life?
  2. Which character is the most resistant to change and why?
  3. Is change always a good thing in The First Part Last? What makes you say this?

Chew on This

Bobby doesn't actively bring about change in his own life; he just has to deal with the changes life throws at him.

Bobby couldn't have left New York when Feather was a brand-new baby because he didn't realize what exactly has changed with her arrival.

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