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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 13-14

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Chapters 13-14

The Golf Course

  • When they get there, a lot of people are just hanging out, setting up and bringing out the beer. 
  • Frankie just sits around watching people drink and smoke cigarettes because she doesn't really have a lot of people to talk to. 
  • She tries to strike up a conversation with Star, but they have very little in common. They start bickering over whether the dog on the seal was a beagle or a basset hound. 
  • The party is pretty boring overall, even though she feels special for having been invited. 
  • When Matthew walks Frankie back to her dorm after 1 a.m., he asks her if he can kiss her. She says "no way" but of course, she actually means "yes way" and soon it's Matthew and Frankie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. 
  • Frankie goes home not thinking that she's a little sophomore, or that the party was boring because she wasn't popular enough. No, our little Frankie thinks that she could have done a better job if she were in charge.

A Garlic Knot

  • The next day, Alpha shows up at Frankie's door and tells her that they're going to get pizza. Frankie's pretty confused—what's he doing here? 
  • She figures out that he's here with Matthew, so it's okay for her to go. She gets downstairs and meets with Matthew in the car, and they head out for pizza with Alpha. 
  • On the way, Alpha makes a comment about frozen custard, that sly dog. Frankie realizes that he does remember her from the beach. 
  • When they get to the pizza place, they find out that they're not serving pizza 'til noon so they order garlic knots instead. 
  • Even though garlic makes Frankie nauseous, she forces herself to eat one because Alpha makes a comment about women not being "voracious." 
  • Later, Frankie calls Zada to tell her about what's going on with her and Matthew and Zada says that Matthew's the kind of person who tries to downplay his social standing.

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