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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 15-16

By E. Lockhart

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Chapters 15-16

A Triangle

  • Frankie finds out that the "she-wolf" is Elizabeth Heywood, and she and Alpha are definitely not affectionate when they're out in public. 
  • Frankie is happily included in Matthew's table at the cafeteria and gets to stay there from now on.
  • But she starts to notice that Matthew has invited her into his world, but doesn't necessarily seem into entering hers. He doesn't even recognize Trish most of the time, or know Frankie's debate club friends or ask about her family. 
  • Frankie's not sure she cares though—at least not yet. 
  • After Frankie and Matthew have been going out for two weeks, he blows her off for Alpha for the first time. Uh-oh. 
  • Then it starts to happen more frequently, and Frankie realizes that Alpha is marking his territory. 
  • The other boys also start to insert themselves into situations where Frankie and Matthew are hanging out.
  • Frankie feels like she's almost included in their friend group… but only almost.

The Neglected Positive

  • Frankie has been reading The Code of the Woosters and is delighted by the wordplay in the book, especially the use of the word "gruntled" (as in the opposite of "disgruntled"). 
  • She tells Matthew that she's gruntled after he kisses her one day, but Matthew corrects her and says that "gruntled" actually means grumpy. He even shows her in the dictionary.
  • Frankie's kind of put out because Matthew didn't take it as a joke, so that made her feel stupid.
  • But soon enough they makes up, and Frankie starts using a bunch of other words that are "neglected positives."

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