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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 23-24

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Chapters 23-24


  • The next day, Star grabs Frankie and tells her that she and Dean broke up.
  • She's pretty distraught and says that no one in the friend group is even saying hi to her anymore, like they were never friends. 
  • Frankie tries to comfort her, but Star just wants to know if they said anything to her. 
  • Suddenly, it dawns on Frankie: it would be so easy for the same thing to happen to her. How unnerving.

A Broken Date

  • On Friday, Frankie and Trish get ready for the night, which entails all sorts of girlie things like their nails and wearing mud masks. 
  • Frankie goes down to meet Matthew and he tells her that he can't take her on a date tonight. She's pretty disappointed and upset, especially because he's cancelling on her in order to go do something with Alpha.
  • Nevertheless, she puts on a happy face, tells him it's fine and that she'll just go to the Geek Conglomerate part with Trish and Porter instead. 
  • But then, when he leaves, she starts to follow him.

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