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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 25-26

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Chapters 25-26

The Old Theater

  • Frankie follows Matthew as he and the other boys enter the old abandoned theater on campus. 
  • She sneaks in and waits in the wings of the theater to see what's going on. 
  • Alpha and Matthew lead a meeting of the Basset Hounds and talk about what their Halloween prank will be. 
  • They mention a handbook and Alpha says it doesn't exist. But Frankie knows it does because her father said so. 
  • Then, she realizes that the sophomore who's been chosen to be the future king is no other than her ex-boyfriend, Porter Welsch.
  • Oops. That means that when she had said that she was going to the party with Porter, Matthew probably knew she was lying all along. 
  • And that makes her wonder why Porter had been trying to warn her about Matthew, if the two are buddies. 
  • Without further ado, she goes off to the Geek Conglomerate party and dances the night away. As an added bonus, a bunch of people see her there, so she has an airtight alibi. After all, she might need one.

The Oath

  • The next morning, Frankie runs into Alpha getting breakfast in the cafeteria. 
  • She tells him she's sitting with Trish, but Alpha says that Trish can come sit at the senior table. He'd like to meet her. 
  • They all eat breakfast together and Matthew asks Frankie about whether she went to the party with Porter or not. 
  • She smoothly tells him that Porter ended up not showing up. Then he pretends that he doesn't know Porter's name. Which is little odd considering they're in the same club together, isn't it? 
  • Frankie picks up the habit of tailing Matthew all the time, seeing where he's headed with the Basset Hounds. 
  • They group has a ton of meetings before Halloween as they try to figure out what to do for the prank. 
  • Frankie likes watching the scheming but at the same time she feels kind of alienated by the whole thing. After all, she can't be a part of the Basset Hounds.
  • She's a girl. How's that fair?
  • She figures out, though, that the oath they chant at the beginning of each meeting is actually a puzzle for how to find the written history of the Basset Hounds. 
  • Clever girl, she takes notes and starts trying to figure it out.

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