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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 37-38

By E. Lockhart

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Chapters 37-38

An Ignominious Fall

  • In the month of November, the Basset Hounds get into all sorts of shenanigans, as directed by Alpha (supposedly). 
  • Frankie, posing as Alpha, sends them on missions to draw lots of basset hounds on the chalkboards, and set up a bunch of stuffed animals on campus. They even distribute a ton of dog masks and at the Harvest Concert, everyone shows up wearing them. 
  • Alpha emails the fake Alpha telling him or her to cut it out.

The Canned Beet Rebellion

  • Frankie finds out that the cafeteria selection is limited because Viva Corporation, a big donor, provides everything. That's why there's no salad. 
  • So what does Frankie do? She goes and invents a "Society for Vegetable Awareness, Promotion, and Information Delegation" and has all the order members get stickers, buttons, and flyers for the day that the Viva Corporation lady comes to visit. 
  • They call it the Canned Beet Rebellion and demand a nice salad bar at the school.
  • A lot of the students end up wearing the buttons and stickers. A caterer also appears on campus with a giant veggie basset hound. 
  • Finally, the he Viva Corporation lady sends a donation to the school for a salad bar, so Frankie actually did make some real change happen. 
  • In fact, she's so please with herself and her accomplishment that she doesn't even follow Matthew to his next Basset Hound meeting. After all, she knows what they're up to.

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