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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 41-42

By E. Lockhart

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Chapters 41-42


  • Frankie has to go back to the library to get the twine that runs the length of the tunnels—since none of the Bassets thought to do it.
  • She feels lonely while she does it, because it makes her realize that she's still left of out Matthew's world, after all. 
  • But as she's tracing the path of twine, it goes slack and she realizes that someone did think to go get it. 
  • When she tries to hide, she burns her arm on a steam pipe. And when she finally emerges, she runs into a guard who tells her that they're investigating the tunnels for the perpetrator of the pranks, but that she shouldn't worry her pretty little head about it.


  • Frankie gets back to the dorm and hops into the shower in her clothes to cool of her burn, which is seriously painful. 
  • When she gets back into the room, she tells Trish that she fell into the pond, but Trish knows that she's lying.
  • She still won't give up her secrets though, even when Trish presses and gets upset.
  • Finally, Trish just gives up and goes to get her some ice. We like to imagine she rolls her eyes, too.

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