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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 7-8

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Chapters 7-8


  • On the second day of school, Frankie's biking over to meet Trish for a swim when she sees Matthew, her crush. 
  • Of course, in true rom com fashion, she crashes her bike and scrapes up her leg as she's looking at him. 
  • And in true rom com fashion, Matthew runs over to save her and starts flirting with her. Even thought they've met before, he doesn't recognize her. 
  • Frankie actually had dinner with Matthew in the cafeteria the year before when Zada had invited her to sit with her friends. She heard all about Matthew's friend Alpha, who apparently lives in New York. 
  • Matthew then "helps" her find her way to the gymnasium to meet Trish (even though she totally knows the way).


  • Frankie sure has heard a lot about this Alpha guy from Matthew and from her older sister Zada. 
  • Alpha, whose real name is Alessandro Tesorieri, was actually a student at Alabaster before Frankie was there, but had to move away for his junior year because of money problems. 
  • But he's back again this year to rejoin his BFF Matthew, and is apparently alpha dog of the pack once more. 
  • Frankie has no idea what Alpha's going to be like, but she's shocked when she meets him at the gym. Absolutely shocked.
  • Why, you ask? Well it's because Alpha turns out to be the boy from the Jersey Shore who ate her frozen custard. 
  • Alpha doesn't seem to remember her and just introduces himself, then says that he doesn't remember meeting her when she brings up the fact that they've seen each other before.
  • She observes Matthew and his friends and the way they're all totally confident; after all, they're the boys who run the school, right?

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