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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 9-10

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Chapters 9-10

The Ladies

  • Frankie, of course, rushes to her girl friend Trish and tells her everything after she meets with the guys.
  • She's shocked that none of them seemed to recognize her, but Trish laughs and tells her it's because she, ahem, filled out. She doesn't look like the same old Frankie anymore. 
  • Trish guesses that Dean (one of the popular guys) pretended not to know Frankie in order to feel important, and that Matthew didn't remember Frankie for real because he actually is that popular. 
  • And as for Alpha? Well, Trish thinks that he recognized Frankie but didn't want to throw in to compete with Matthew.

The Panopticon

  • Frankie doesn't really talk to Matthew for the next week, though he says hi once or twice. 
  • She starts to think that maybe he wasn't really that interested in her after all. Maybe it was just harmless flirting. 
  • Meanwhile, Frankie switches out of Latin class and into one called Cities, Art, and Protest. 
  • There, they study architecture criticism and the panopticon, a kind of prison designed by a philosopher named Jeremy Bentham
  • The panopticon uses "systematic paranoia," which makes you feel like you're being watched even when you're not. So you stay in line, even though there may be no reason to follow all the rules. 
  • Frankie loves the class and does all the reading for it. We've got a budding academic on our hands. We're starting to see why she's in the Geek Club…

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