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Trish in The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

By E. Lockhart

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Frankie's best friend and roommate, Trish is unfailingly sweet and helpful. But though she and Frankie are close, they both have very different views for how to handle the patriarchy and its confines. Trish's take is to just resign herself to the fact that it's a boy's world and retreat into what she likes to do:

Some, like Trish, will wonder what the point is, figure there probably is no point and never was one, and opt for typically feminine or domestic activities such as crumble-making, leaving whatever boyfriends they have to "hang with the guys." (13.48)

In this regard, she and Frankie just can't be on the same page. So when she finds out what Frankie did, she doesn't really get why she did any of it. Frankie feels like Trish doesn't think critically about her life, and about the implications of her actions. She just wants to be happy. She doesn't want to change anything, which is what Frankie's all about. Thankfully, that difference doesn't stop them from being good friends. No matter, what, Frankie can always count on Trish.

Besties for the Resties

Even when Trish is angry with Frankie for not telling her what's going on, she doesn't turn her back on her. After Frankie bemoans that her arm hurts but she can't tell Trish why, and confesses that she's been a bad friend and hasn't told Trish everything, Trish still helps her out.

"I'm a bad friend," moaned Frankie, shivering with chill and pain. "I know it. I'm a horrible friend. I'm sorry. I just – I don't know how to be anything else right now."

Trish sighed. "Do you need some ice?" she asked after a minute. "I'll get you some ice from the machine in the basement." (42.50-51)

No matter what, Trish is still a loyal friend. She's always got Frankie's back, even when the chips are down and Frankie's being, well, weird.

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