Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 11

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 11

Wednesday, March 23 – Maundy Thursday, March 24

  • (Note to the reader: Maundy Thursday is also known as "Thursday of Mysteries.")
  • Blomkvist wishes he knew why a man was chasing Salander.
  • Since that night he's been emailing her every day, and is desperate for a reply.
  • He doesn't know why the nameplate on her apartment says "SALANDER-WU" (11.13).
  • He writes her a letter asking her if she wants him to send her purse and keys to her. He writes that he still wants to be friends. Then he goes to dinner at his sister Annika Giannini's house.
  • While at dinner, Blomkvist gets a call from Dag. He and Mia are going out of town to visit Mia's parents. Dag wants to have some pictures for his article delivered to Blomkvist tonight.
  • Blomkvist offers to pick them up instead. About 9pm Salander pays Dag and Mia a visit.
  • She asks why they are looking into Alexander Zalachenko, and what they know about him. Svensson is amazed. He's never heard Zala's full name before.
  • Blomkvist arrives at Dag and Mia's. Neighbors are around Dag and Mia's apartment. The door is open. He's told there were gunshots. In the apartment, he finds Dag and Mia dead, both shot in the head.
  • Blomkvist calls the cops. They arrive and start the murder investigation.
  • At the station, Blomkvist is interviewed by Inspector Nyberg, a young looking woman.
  • Surprised, he realizes she considers him a suspect. But he got there after the shots were fired, and his sister is his alibi. He leaves the station at 3am. He heads to Berger's house to break the bad news.