Study Guide

The God of Small Things Chapter 16

By Arundhati Roy

Chapter 16

A Few Hours Later

  • Estha and Rahel are on the riverbank. They're dragging the boat out to the water. Sophie Mol has a bunch of provisions with her. It's been two weeks since Sophie Mol's arrival.
  • Estha, it turns out, has already equipped their Home away from Home with a bunch of things they'll need because of his fear of the Orangedrink Lemondrink Man. But it was Ammu's anger towards the twins that really prompted them to leave. Estha says they'll go home only if Ammu begs them.
  • Sophie Mol goes with the twins after explaining that the adults will only be truly sorry if all of the kids are gone. (If she only knew!)
  • They set off in the boat. It's dark.
  • They make it past the Really Deep and are almost to the other side when a floating log collides with the boat and capsizes it. Estha and Rahel are used to such things happening, and they swim to shore.
  • They call for Sophie Mol, but she doesn't respond. Rahel feels Pappachi's moth on her heart.
  • Sophie Mol is already gone, carried away by the current.
  • Rahel asks Estha if she's dead. He doesn't answer. He does say that they'll go to jail, however.
  • They don't see Velutha asleep in the shadows of the History House.