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Happy Days Life, Consciousness, & Existence

By Samuel Beckett

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Life, Consciousness, & Existence

Sun. Exhaustion. Sand. Bell. More sand. Heat. Loneliness. More heat. More sand. So why persist? Why continue? Well, according to Beckett there is within man a "smug will to live," which is something we see in Winnie's optimism and unwarranted gratitude for life. That said, Happy Days also begs the question: is Winnie truly conscious of her situation? After all, Beckett always questions what it means to exist in a world that is absurd and meaningless. So, how does Winnie both exemplify and negate that idea? Beckett teases us with a gun as a possible way out for Winnie, a way out that she never uses.

Questions About Life, Consciousness, & Existence

  1. What does it mean to "find" meaning? Does Winnie find meaning in her life? If so, where does she find it?
  2. Are Winnie and Willie "awake" or "asleep"? Are they conscious of their existence or are they just letting the days idle by?
  3. What is the connection between finding meaning in life and habit and routine in Happy Days?
  4. Is there a message at the end of Happy Days? If so, what is it?

Chew on This

Looking to the past for answers means that Winnie is not "conscious" of her present reality.

Winnie must continue speaking, otherwise, she will cease to exist.

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