Study Guide

Henry VIII Allusions

By William Shakespeare

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Literary and Philosophical References

  • 1.2: When You See Me You Know Me by Samuel Rowley
  • 2.1: Richard III by William Shakespeare (5.1)
  • 2.2: Henry V by William Shakespeare (3.6.30-38)
  • 3.1: Orpheus (Greek mythology)
  • 4.2: vision of celestial beings echoes Revelation 7:9-10 in the Bible
  • 5.3: Samson
  • 5.5: Seba: the Queen of Sheba who made a long journey to visit Solomon
  • 5.3: Sir Guy, Colbrand: refers to Guy of Warwick
  • 5.3: Limbo Patrum: souls who died before Christ came to earth

Historical References

  • 1.1: India was the sign of wealth and prominence in Elizabethan England
  • 1.1: Bevis: of Southampton
  • 2.3: new secretary: Stephen Gardiner
  • 2.4: Duke of Orleance: son of Frances I, Henry II

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