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Henry VIII Act 1, Scene 3

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Act 1, Scene 3

Read the full text of Henry VIII Act 1 Scene 3 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • Lord Chamberlain and Lord Sands talk about—what else?—what happened on the nobles' trip to France, and about what's taken place since.
  • Chamberlain thinks it's ridiculous how men are suddenly wearing French clothes and practicing French customs, now that they've seen how the French do things.
  • Then Lovell comes over to say that the nobles are supposed to give these French things up. Everyone agrees that this is best.
  • After a few more jabs at the French, Chamberlain asks Lovell where he's off to.
  • Lovell's off to Wolsey's house, of course, and Chamberlain and Lovell are invited, too.
  • Lovell says Wolsey is "bounteous," and Chamberlain follows that up by saying that he's "noble," too. Sands couldn't agree more. Wolsey is such a great "example" to all of them.
  • The men sing Wolsey's praises as they run off to his house for dinner.

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