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Here We Are Tough-o-Meter

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(1-2) Sea Level

Aside from getting the basic point of this story (psst, they're secretly both thinking about sex)—which is probably pretty easy—"Here We Are" is a really easy, straightforward read. Here, we'll give you an example:

"Well!" the young man said.

"Well!" she said.

"Well, here we are," he said.

"Here we are," she said. "Aren't we?"

"I should say we were," he said. "Eeyop. Here we are."

"Well!" she said. (5-10)

See. That's not hard. You just have to be able to read the word "well" and a few other monosyllabic words. Even "eeyop" is just a dude saying, "Yep," in a weird way. The main characters definitely aren't laying down any rocket scientist lingo or launching into any discussions about obscure Hungarian philosophy.

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