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Here We Are What's Up With the Ending?

By Dorothy Parker

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What's Up With the Ending?

We end up where we started—with the wife repeating her line from the beginning of the story: 

"Yes, here we are […] Aren't we?" (113)

The repetition might imply that their squabbling is going to continue all over again.

Will they ever even consummate the marriage, at this rate? Or will they continue in some sort of Kafkaesque purgatory, bickering forever without getting down to business? We don't know, but given Parker's fondness for irony and satire, it seems like the purgatory option is a decent possibility.

The end of the story is sort of a fake-out, too: the husband and wife pledge not to fight anymore, but end up arguing about the hat again pretty much right away. Then they shut that down, but with no real sense of resolution—it seems like it's just going to keep going… at least until they get down to sexy, sexy business.

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