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Hope Was Here Tone

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G.T. doesn't take himself very seriously either and treats the whole cancer issue with a lighthearted manner. He jokes about the side effects of chemotherapy ("Now that I lost my hair to the chemotherapy, I don't worry about it getting in the food" (26)) and after having trouble locking up the diner one night he smiles at Hope and says, "Best not mention that on the campaign trail. Cancer and key dysfunction might be more than the voters can handle" (47).

Even Hope's longing for a father comes across in a lighthearted, humorous way. As she's glancing through her scrapbook of "The Dads" and imagining what she might say to one of them, she sets the scene like this:

I smoothed back my hair, sat Edgar, my stuffed pelican, on the pillow. Enter fantasy. Music swells. "Dad, I really need to talk to you about something important." (59)

People often use humor to cope with the hard stuff. In this book, it helps the reader cope, too.

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